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Elder Law

Elder Law & Title 19 Planning

  • Working with clients and their families to help discuss and develop specific plans to help clients protect and preserve their assets and yet get the necessary care that you may need.

  • Assistance with the preparation and filing of Title 19 (nursing home) and Title 19 Family Care applications.

  • Assistance with pre-planning where clients are in good health and have enough assets where they want to gift some assets out of their name so that they would not be considered their own if and when they ever require long term care in the future.

  • Discussions and options to consider when purchasing or researching long term care insurance.

  • Information and reporting options for elder abuse where warranted.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

  • Planning for disability or incapacity through implementation of Financial Powers of Attorney and Health Care Powers of Attorney. These documents are extremely important for all clients over the age of 18.  If executed properly these forms can allow you to avoid the need for any Court guardianship proceedings if you would  become incompetent or be incapacitated in the future.  It is important that you select agents to serve in these important roles that you can trust and that can handle the duties of serving as a health care or financial agent.  We also can include a “living will” declaration stating your wishes if you were ever in a terminal condition or persistent vegetative state.

  • We assist clients to approve and develop a preferred estate plan to achieve family goals for individuals and couples, young and old, and for those whose worth is substantial or modest or in between. Some of our clients utilize Wills and others decide that a Revocable Living Trust is an appropriate option for them.  

  • For clients who have younger children we can help craft special trusts that pay out at certain times or at certain ages, and allow a clients named Trustee to assume responsibility for investment and spending of these trust assets.

  • For clients that have children or beneficiaries with special needs or disabilities we can help create special needs trusts (supplemental needs trusts) to receive and hold assets both during your life and/or that can be funded after your death.  This type of planning can be extremely important for beneficiaries who receive any government benefits because the direct receipt of inheritance can result in the loss of certain government benefits.

  • Assistance with ensuring client goals for family cottages, farms, and special properties.

  • Planning that is estate tax and income tax sensitive.

  • Assistance with charitable planning and goals.

  • Initiating Court guardianships or conservatorships where required.


Probate and Trust Administration

  • Assisting Personal Representatives, Trustees, spouses, children and family members with any post death administration, legal issues, tax issues, etc..  Some estates  that are processed through a Will go through the Court process of probate.  Other types of assets can be arranged to pass non-probate at a persons death.   Our firm can assist with any type of estate and asset (probate or non-probate) after a person passes. 

  • We have two full time paralegals that specifically work with and assist the attorneys in processing and administering estates in a timely and efficient manner. 

  • We often prepare and assist in completing any required estate tax returns and also coordinate with the decedents accountant on potential estate income tax returns and potential tax issues.

  • We are sensitive and respectful of the decedents wishes and privacy.


Real Estate

  • Assistance with sales and purchases of real estate, including residential, condominiums, farm, vacant land, and commercial properties.  We can work with you and your realtor on these transactions or can assist you with a For Sale By Owner transaction.

  • Preparation of land contracts and private mortgage financing.

  • Work on real estate development projects, including preparation of condominium documents and subdivision documents.

  • Drafting easements and other property agreements.



  • Assistance with incorporation of Limited Liability Companies, Corporations and various businesses entities.

  • Discussion of business tax options and elections and coordination with clients accountant.

  • Preparation of all business agreements and documents to assist with securing limited personal liability for owners.

  • Assistance with sale of business and/or business assets.

  • Address business/family succession planning, preparation of buy-sell agreements, cross purchase agreements and other like documents.

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